The 15 Best Places On The Internet For Book Lovers

Photo by Victor Blackman/Getty Images

It’s lit

The internet is great for many things: The OC GIFs, Harambe memes, and literature.

Does it seem like one of those things is not like the other? If it feels at all strange to you that the medium which has been credited (along with television, of course) with a national decline in attention spans and an accompanying rise in people wanting to get their news via 15-second video clips rather than 1500-word articles, well, yeah, when put that way, maybe it does seem weird. But the truth is that the internet has long been home to people who love books and all things literary, and has served as a virtual meeting place for book lovers from all over the world to get together and discuss and praise and debate the written word. And, also, you know, buy the written word. (Definitely please keep buying books.) 

Here, then, are the places we go when we want to feel like the internet is not just a wasteland of frogs on unicycles. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Sometimes you just need a little bit more in your life, you know? 

Electric Literature

This site is an offshoot from a literary journal of the same name, and while the actual magazine is still a wonderful and worthwhile read, the online community fostered through the site is also wildly impressive. Everything you can peruse is super smart, often irreverent (an infographic on yoga for writers? Yes, please!), and there's plenty of great interviews by of-the-moment authors. Recently, I devoured the site's chats with Colson Whitehead and Kristin Dombek, and I bet you will too.