The 8 Best Places On The Internet For Witches

All the tools you need to perfect your craft

Photo courtesy of Burial Ground

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all feeling a little bit inspired by the darker sides of things. Whether you’re a witch gearing up for Samhain, or simply looking to learn a little more about the craft, everything you need to find is on the internet. With that being said, we rounded up the eight best places online for witches of all sorts.

You’ll find everything you need for a new path, from crystals and herbs for sale, to step-by-step spells, and even a school for witchcraft (yes, there is an actual online school for witches)—all just a click away.

The web is here to guide us. Click through the gallery below to read on.

Photo courtesy of November Sage

November Sage

At November Sage, not only will you find everything from self-care products and home décor in addition to moon phase candles and a variety of crystals, but owner Juliet Diaz has just opened the online School of Witchery, where for $4.99, you’ll have endless access to readings, lessons, and workbooks on everything from magickal herbs to mastering the tarot.