We Tested The Most Popular Pre-Travel Beauty Treatments And Found Out What Works

    Gel manicures are everything

    by · November 17, 2016

    When I travel, I like to pack light. Mostly because I’m lazy and hate lugging around heavy bags, but also because minimalism makes travel less stressful. I’ll pride myself on leaving my 20-pound makeup bag and straightening iron at home, but then I’ll regret it when I get to where I’m going and feel underprepared and not like my finest self.

    Most of the traveling I do is for work, meaning: I’m expected to show up looking somewhat polished and professional. But recently, rather than making room for style tools and cosmetics, I decided it was time to figure out some alternatives. I wanted to continue to pack light without having to skimp on my trusted beauty routine.

    I did some research on long-lasting beauty services and decided to put them to the test on a super-active vacation on the humid, hot, and windy island of Maui that involved every possible element that might mess up my appearance. Some services held up better than others, but overall, I’ve definitely figured out a lasting pre-travel routine that will allow me to leave my usual products at home, and not only feel put together on the road but free up precious time that would have previously been spent on primping. Not having to worry about looking like a hot mess when I’m thousands of miles from my comfort zone and flat iron is a huge relief. Read on to find out all the things I tested out, and which services I know I'll be returning to over and over.

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