Magic Carpets: 30 Rugs To Transform Your Home

    They really tie the room together

    by · September 29, 2017

    As a rule, rugs rule. My home decor obsessions are varied, but rugs really lie at the top of the pile. I love furniture. I love art and textiles. And maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I somehow have a more emotional and nostalgic connection to rugs. I can't remember how my grandmother's house was decorated 15 years ago (she updates a lot), but I have such vivid memories of the red carpeting that covered her stairs when I was a kid. Or the blue diamond rug that my parents moved from under the dining room table to my sister's bedroom to its current location, my brother's house. I had Christmas dinners on that rug!

    The allure of a rug is palpable because they are something you physically touch—you sit, stand, walk, and lie on them. For me, a rug is the first thing my feet touch when I get out of bed every morning, and I think there's something about that act that creates a very strong sense memory connection.

    The best rugs are really works of art. And the thing is, they can totally transform any space. A tiny apartment, a huge empty room… you name it. There are so many amazing styles, materials, shapes, and sizes—the possibilities are endless. As the seasons change and it gets a little cooler, now is the perfect time to invest in a new rug to keep your feet cozy and your home fresh. 

    Click through the gallery, below, to see some of my favorite picks.

    Aelfie, Maimana Flat-Weave Rug, Blue, $89.00-$1,889.00, available at Aelfie.

    Paige Gemmel, Palace Portrait Rug, $248.00-$2,048.00, available at Anthropologie.

    Alyson Fox, Shapes Rugs, $75.00, available at Hawkins New York.

    Urban Outfitters, Valencia Modern Printed Woven Rug, $24.00 - $99.00, available at Urban Outfitters.

    H&M, Wool-blend Rug, $49.99, available at H&M.

    RugbyGur, GUR WIlliam Luz, $165.00, available at Tictail.

    My Friend Paco, HANOI I, $329.00, available at Tictail.

    Anthropologie, Waverly Rug, $68.00 - $1,998.00, available at Anthropologie.

    Pink Rug Co., Flower Fables Boucherouite Rug, $398.00, available at The Gardener’s House.

    Aelfie, Suzanna Flat-Weave Rug, Rust, $89.00 - $1,889.00, available at Aelfie.

    The Land of Nod, Local Flora Rug, $249.00, available at The Land of Nod.

    Urban Outfitters, Karakum Printed Rug, $59.00 - $99.00, available at Urban Outfitters.

    RugbyGur, GUR Braulio Amado “A Tue Mae”, $235.00, available at Tictail.

    Ikea, Birket Rug, $129.00, available at Ikea.

    Pink Rug Co., I was Supposedly Leaking The Most Interesting Colors Boucherouite Rug, $298.00, available at The Gardener’s House.

    Project 69, Multicolor Abstract Tufted Area Rug, $29.99 - $179.99, available at Target.

    Urban Outfitters, Alder Overdyed Printed Jute Rug, $29.00 - $289.00, available at Urban Outfitters.

    ABC Carpet & Home, Vintage Chinese Wool Rug, $700.00, available at ABC Home & Carpet.

    West Elm, Mural Collection Abstract Rug, $479.99 - $1,119.99, available at West Elm.

    Anthropologie, Embroidered Tiger Rug, $248.00, available at Anthropologie.

    Ikea, Ternslev Rug, $169.00, available at Ikea.

    Pink Rug Co., Lighthouse Azilal Rug, $348.00, available at The Gardener’s House.

    Urban Outfitters, Tasseled Eye Rug, $34.00, available at Urban Outfitters.

    Poketo, Prism Pattern Rug, $58.00, available at Poketo.

    West Elm, Diamond Point Rug, $299.00 - $899.00, available at West Elm.

    Aelfie, Esma Shag Rug, $480.00, available at Aelfie.

    Ikea, Fardrup Rug, $14.99, available at Ikea.

    Anthropologie, Bea Rug, $68.00 - $798.00, available at Anthropologie.

    Ikea, Stockholm 2017 Rug, $199.00, available at Ikea.

    RugbyGur, GUR Jose Cardoso, $100.00, available at Tictail.

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