How To Have The Most Extra Bed Ever


For the best night’s sleep of your life

We spend a third of our lives in bed. If I had it my way, it would be even more.

Hi, my name is Irina, and I am a sleep lover through and through. Given how I am also a bad sleeper (blame it on living in Manhattan) and less-than-pleasant to deal with when I have less than seven hours of ZZZs, I have tried many sleep-adjacent products and accessories to optimize my shut-eye time. I've invested in mattresses that promised me the best night's sleep of my life, sprayed my pillows with different variations of lavender blends, and chugged sleepy time adaptogens that promised toss-free sleep and better skin.

Through trial and error, this year, I've finally achieved the kind of sleep nirvana of which even Morpheus would be jealous. Is my bed extra? Sure, but so am I when I've had a restful eight (nine? 10?) hours of sleep. 

What kind of person would I be if I didn't share all the wisdom I've learned? A bad one. And so, ahead, the 10 things you need to make a haven out of your bed. 

Photograph courtesy of Facebook/HelixSleep.

The foundation of a good night's sleep, a good mattress is essential for prime hibernation. I sleep on an Eight smart mattress that has the ability to track my sleeping patterns, put on a meditation app, and, most importantly, heat itself up when it's cold outside. It can also turn on the coffee machine while I'm still in bed, but that would put my boyfriend out a job, and I would never be that cruel. In terms of more analog options, Helix creates entirely custom mattresses based on your weight, height, and sleep patterns, and DreamCloud combines the best latex, memory foams, and technology for the ultimate support and comfort. Pick your poison.

Helix, custom mattresses, from $600, available at Helix.