The Best Songs Of 2017

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    by · December 26, 2017

    What a year it’s been in music, friends! Cardi B’s out here making history and queer artists are slowly but surely inching their way further and further into everyone’s living rooms and radios. It’s a crowded industry, but an exciting one. The pop landscape has exploded, and from its rubble rise new genres, new ways to make music, and new boundaries to push. The following 10 songs represent a year of empowerment, flirtation, and the desire for something better. Music is, after all, a place to escape when the going gets tough. It’s a community builder and a great empathizer. These are the songs that hit the hardest, pulled the deepest, and stuck around a long time, without ever becoming annoying. Why waste more time reminiscing? Let’s cut to the feelings (like, all the feelings), below.

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