20 Art Prints To Celebrate Spring

April showers bring… well-decorated homes?

Here is something weird. I hated spring when I was a kid. Like, it seriously depressed me. Winter meant snow days and school break and sledding and Christmas and my birthday. I hated seeing so much brown in the spring: the trees without leaves, the muddy ground, and gray skies... and it seemed to last forever. Now, of course, I can appreciate the season (and enjoy neutrals). Winter isn't as magical when you're trudging through slush in Brooklyn, New York, wearing all your clothes at once. 

This year, spring has become especially symbolic to me. After we all agreed 2016 could use a do-over, I started 2017 determined to be positive, to stay proactive. And was promptly laid up for all of January after being in a car accident. Spring became my fantasy future: sunshine, fresh air... no crutches. Bring on the naked branches and brown ground! Of course, spring is a literal time of rebirth. It should be celebrated and reflected upon in a multitude of ways, but one easy (and fun!) way to get into the groove is to refresh your home with some inspiring new art. (Especially if you're stuck at home and need to artificially speed up the changing of seasons). 

Click through the gallery below and shop some of my favorite art (and art objects) this spring.

Marina Munn, Biolab Risograph Print, $15, available at MarinaMunn.com