8 Fascinating Podcasts You Need To Hear This Summer

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    by · June 15, 2017

    Collage by Danielle Moalem

    You’ve heard about Peak TV, but we’re actually living through the age of Peak Podcast, too. The industry of audible programs has gone full supernova, with an overwhelming amount of listening-only shows available at any given time. And the best part about podcasts is that, unlike television shows or movies, you don’t need to be stationary to consume them. You can listen to podcasts during your daily commute, at the gym, doing the dishes, or while in bed trying to avoid your own pesky thoughts (in which case, try this podcast that’s “better than Ambien”). And the number of new podcasts popping up on the reg is truly remarkable. In terms of programming, it’s the next great frontier. With that, here are some new—and newish—podcasts you should be paying attention to this summer.

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