Summertime And The Livin’ Is Easy… With These Art Prints

Decorate your apartment with something other than an AC

Art by Tara Booth

Remember summer vacation? Sigh. For most of us, the older we get, the more summer becomes a state of mind and less a state of lazy freedom. But some things stay the same. The days are longer and the sun, hopefully, warmer. We might be enjoying the extra hours of sunlight from indoors, but, you have to admit, it does make a difference. When I think "summer," I still get that warm buzzy kid feeling and everything seems a little brighter.

It's a great time of year in terms of imagery as well—playful, colorful, and lush. And so many things and feelings are specific to this season and this season only; summer love and outdoor grilling don't happen in the snow, now do they? Even if you won't be unwinding on the beach this summer, you can (and should) embrace that vacation-y vibe in your own home. 

I've rounded up 30 of my favorite art prints that best capture the energy of the season. Pump up the AC and click through the gallery below to shop my picks!

Leah Reena Goren, 'Surfers,' assorted frame and size options available, $39-$399, available at Urban Outfitters.