16 Semi-Impractical But Absolutely Perfect Bags For Summer

    Woven, wooden, tiny, and more

    by · June 12, 2018

    What’s our favorite part of dressing for summer? Kitschy handbags, of course. When the weather is too hot to wear anything more than a breezy crop top and some denim cutoffs, we turn to whimsical accessories to really make an outfit sing.

    And, look, we understand that whimsical does not equal practical. Because: How much can you really fit into a tiny woven bag? And: Do we really want the whole world to see what we’re carrying in our clear PVC tote? But also, honestly: Who cares? It’s summer, have some fun!

    Here then are 16 summer handbags that are perfectly impractical, because why not have some fun while you're sweating up a storm? Check out our favorite summer bags, below.

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