16 Semi-Impractical But Absolutely Perfect Bags For Summer

Woven, wooden, tiny, and more

What’s our favorite part of dressing for summer? Kitschy handbags, of course. When the weather is too hot to wear anything more than a breezy crop top and some denim cutoffs, we turn to whimsical accessories to really make an outfit sing.

And, look, we understand that whimsical does not equal practical. Because: How much can you really fit into a tiny woven bag? And: Do we really want the whole world to see what we’re carrying in our clear PVC tote? But also, honestly: Who cares? It’s summer, have some fun!

Here then are 16 summer handbags that are perfectly impractical, because why not have some fun while you're sweating up a storm? Check out our favorite summer bags, below.

Photo courtesy of American Two Shot

Walker, Medium Zip Tote Red, $38, available at American Two Shot.