The 14 Blockbusters You Have To See This Summer


Ranked in the order of how excited you should be for them

In Hollywood, summer marks the time of year when the major studios put all their chips on the table and release movies with budgets that can rival the GDP of some small countries. But despite the cash being funneled into their productions, the quality of these movies is often suspect. That's because these movies are increasingly becoming corporate products made by people who are more concerned with profit than telling great stories. Having said that, it's not actually all that bleak. Hollywood is still capable of producing movies that entertain and, on occasion, even transcend their commercial existence. And even if the latter doesn't happen, turning your brain off for two hours and watching a woman kick ass with a lasso made of gold isn't such a bad thing. Below are the movies you should get excited about this summer, in order of how excited you should be.

Photo via Focus Features

The Beguiled
To a certain type of person (i.e. us), a Sofia Coppola movie stands as a blockbuster event, so releasing her latest in the dead of summer makes perfect and total sense. And if you’ve seen the trailer for this Civil War-era chamber piece, it plays more like a sharp Hollywood thriller than the loose mood pieces she is generally known for. A wounded Civil War soldier (Colin Farrell) finds himself at an all-girls boarding school, where the headmistress (a terrifying Nicole Kidman) and her pupils help to nurse him back to health. Sexual tension leads to rivalries leads to all-out mayhem. “Bring me the anatomy book” is already the best line of the summer.