The Best, Worst, And Weirdest Moments Of The Rio Olympics So Far

Photo by Emmanuel Dunand via Getty Images

Going for the gold in memes

We are not even halfway through the Olympics yet, but there's been plenty of highs, lows, and general craziness to keep us entertained and feeling good about global unity and being Americans, which is especially important at a time when an actual pumpkin-faced monster is running for president. With that in mind, here are some of the best, worst, and generally weirdest moments so far.

Photo by Laurence Griffiths via Getty Images

Best: Squad Goals (and Golds)
Proving that they might just be the best gymnastics team to ever grace the world's stage, the fab five, also known as Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Laurie Hernandez, Madison Kocian, and Gabby Douglas, won all-around gold medals on Tuesday, beating the silver-medaling Russians by an eight-point margin of victory. The win is further notable for the fact that this year's U.S. squad boasts a truly diverse roster and a breakout star in black gymnast Biles. U.S. gymnastics has long been dominated by white women, and so this mainstreaming of formerly marginalized and ultra-talented athletes is long overdue, but much appreciated. Squad goals realized.