15 Young Innovators Who Are Changing Photography Right Now

photo via @davidgomezmaestre Instagram

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Technology has ultimately altered the way we move about life and create, and it could easily be argued that photography is one of the most affected art forms. With new advancements in editing software, the addition of the GIF, social media platforms like Instagram, and new cameras and lenses with higher pixel width, the entire photo industry has shifted and become one of creativity's most accessible mediums. While this has led to an overly saturated landscape, it has also led to more experimentation and better work than ever before.

Ahead, we celebrate 15 young photographers who are not only capturing some of the most stunning photos of the age but are also innovating the field with their use of light, color, tone, and subject matter. 

Tayte Hanson
Porn star and CockyBoy Tayte Hanson captures stunning portraits that push the boundaries of homoerotic art and gender.


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