Beyoncé Wants To Get You In The Holiday Spirit With Some Festive Merch

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Sleigh all day

Mariah Carey might hold the throne for Christmas jingles, but nobody tops Queen Bey when it comes to fully embodying the holiday spirit. Beyoncé reminded us how much she loves it in the "7-11" music video, but no one will ever forget that time Ashton Kutcher made her think that she ruined Christmas on Punk'd in 2003. Now, the superstar has gone ahead and pulled another Beyoncé by unleashing a special collection of holiday-themed merchandise for the season.

Obviously, Beyoncé knows how to make a good pun with sweatshirts that read "I sleigh all day." (Good one, Bey!) Both of the bottoms have "Boy bye" written on the back—cheeky humor at its finest, no? If you've been trying to cut back on clothes, consider investing in the adorable set of Lemonade-patterned wrapping paper.

As expected, most of the items are available in the signature colors of Christmas (red and green). Unfortunately, there aren't any knitted sweaters for sale, but maybe Bey will get on board next year? You can start building your wish list now on

Peep the entire collection in the gallery, below.

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