Here’s How You Can Wear Every Look From Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ This Halloween


Trick or treat, witches

Halloween can be a stressful holiday for many. I mean, there's so much pressure about having the perfect costume because you only get to do this once a year. (Or multiple times, depending on how many parties you're invited to attend.)

Without a doubt, 2016 was the year of Beyoncé. She shut down the Super Bowl halftime show, and she made the world bow down at her feet when she dropped Lemonade in all of its black glory. Thus, it shouldn't come as a surprise if you see some variation of Queen Bey making her rounds on Halloween.

Given that you have almost four weeks to spare, we thought we'd make your shopping list a little bit easier by providing some affordable options for duplicating the many looks of Lemonade. For one night, the power of Beyoncé will course through your sugar-coated veins. (Not that we should need to warn you about this, but please, under no circumstances, wear blackface when dressing up as Beyoncé.)

There can only be one Beyoncé to rule them all. May the best Bey win!

Photo courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment

"Pray You Catch Me"
All you need is a hoodie from Ivy Park! Thanks, Bey.

If you're trying to stay on a budget, though, cop this Nocozo long sleeve maxi dress with a hood from ASOS.