The Best Of Berlin Fashion Week Street Style

The Germans sure know how to style a harness

Photo by Matthew Sperzel

And, that’s a wrap! Berlin Fashion Week concluded over the weekend, and the past few days of street style have us feeling just as inspired as the collections themselves.

Berliner style had no boundaries, and we have the proof. Towels? Throw ‘em on your head to make a head wrap accessory. Harnesses? Take one from the bedroom and put it, well, anywhere. It doesn't stop there. From voluptuous tulle to belt buckles in every color of the rainbow, accessories and interesting fabrics were the stars of this street style show. The Germans showed us how to elevate classic prints and textures such as florals and denim, as well as the chicest ways to update old trends, such as bandage skirts (hint: wear them in leather and add some buckles).

Ever wondered what going the extra fashion mile is? This is it, folks. This street style is truly one-of-a-kind and has raised the bar for all the Fashion Weeks to come. Check it out, below.

Photo by Matthew Sperzel

This is monochromatic print mixing, 101.