14 Black-Owned Businesses And Services You Need To Support

Illustrated by Jihyang Lim


In celebration of Black History Month, NYLON is running a spotlight series called UNAPOLOGETIC. Every day, we’ll celebrate different aspects of black culture through profiles, interviews, roundtables, reviews, videos, and op-eds. #Blacklivesmatter and we hold that truth to be self-evident.

When deciding what app to download, what hair product to use, or what accessory to splurge on, it can be easy to go with your usual fallback choice and recognizable name. However, now might be the time to explore your options and try some new products and services, ones you haven't heard of before and that can serve as alternatives to megacorporations.

We rounded up a list of 14 black-owned businesses that are providing consumers with high-quality services and products in the market. These businesses show innovation and creativity and they deserve to be recognized for their success. According to a Census Bureau report from last year, the proportion of black-owned businesses account for 9.4 percent of all firms; while that may not seem like a lot, there was a 2 percent increase in black business ownership from 2007 to 2012, and that should continue to rise with support. 

So, next time when you can't decide what to spend your money on or what new product to try, consider making the conscious decision to support black business owners in the process. Learn more about all of these exciting brands in the gallery, below.

Photo via @candlessentials / Instagram

CANDLESSENTIALS is a Los Angeles-based line of handmade candles that are 100 percent soy wax and made without the use of animal products or additives. The candle’s boxes are embedded with actual seeds, thus offering an innovative take on package disposal: After removing the box's labels, soak it in water, plant it, and watch the wildflowers grow. Also, 10 percent of the company's annual sales are donated to Lori's Daughter, a foundation which helps provide guidance, education, life skills, work ethic, and health awareness to women in difficult situations.