10 Black-Run Zines To Get Familiar With


You won’t find these in your local Barnes & Noble

In celebration of Black History Month, NYLON is running a spotlight series called UNAPOLOGETIC. Every day, we’ll celebrate different aspects of black culture through profiles, interviews, roundtables, reviews, videos, and op-eds. #Blacklivesmatter and we hold that truth to be self-evident.

In 2015, only 27 of 136 magazine covers featured people of color, according to a Fashionista report. In 2016, the numbers improved significantly, with 52 of 147 people of color gracing the covers—a 15.5 percent rise. This is all well and good, and we commend the industry for realizing the errors in their ways, but a diverse cover doesn’t always equate to diverse content within the magazine.

Enter: independent magazines. They’re the unsung heroes of the supposed “dying” print market, helping to fill voids with niche and inclusive content. And there are a whole lot of them—if you’re looking in the right places—being run by young, creative people of color (another rarity in the mainstream media space). The scope even reaches beyond the minimalism of Kinfolk and Gentle Woman (both genius magazines on their own), if you can believe it.

No, really, there's a whole other, colorful world of original content out there to explore. Let us help guide you.  

Founder Liv Little and her crew, made up entirely of women of color, first started the Gal-Dem project as an online publication in 2014. They recently expanded to print, and thank god for that. The editorial spreads are as stunning as the words accompanying them. The Gal-dem articles that live on their website are also worth checking out.