20 Amazing Books To Read For The Rest Of 2016

It’s lit

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It's been a great summer, right? Full of things to do and see and places to be and explore. And you've probably spent your long days reading your fill of amazing books (beach-oriented or otherwise), all of which we're guessing were a lot less disappointing than this summer's movie duds. (What's good, Suicide Squad.) But while summer is always an excellent time to dive into a great read, fall is maybe even better. 'Tis the season, after all, for publishing houses to release the big guns. Fall is when you get your Zadie Smith new releases, you know? It's a good time to be a book nerd.

Here, then, are the 20 books we should all get really, really excited about reading this season; I've included a few that came out this summer but most definitely deserve your attention and willingness to underline pertinent passages as the days grow cooler. Because, hey, if fall's prestige movie season turns out to be as much of a disaster as the summer blockbuster season was, at least you'll have plenty of good stuff to read.

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Problems, Jade Sharma

Debut novelist Sharma's slim novel leaves a lasting impact on readers, who go on a searingly honest, painful, and hilarious journey with protagonist Maya, whose precarious balancing act that is her life constantly threatens to topple. When that threat becomes a reality (an ill-advised affair and equally ill-advised heroin habit have more than a little to do with this tumble), readers benefit greatly from Sharma's unflinching look at what it takes to pick up the pieces.

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