9 Up-And-Coming Brands To Watch For

Photo courtesy of Daniel Silverstain

Keep these on your radar

When you’re in a bit of a fashion slump, what better way to revamp your style (or at least provide a little inspiration) than checking out the coolest emerging brands of the moment?

We know, we know, there are so many new brands out there today—so we did the research for you. Below, we rounded up the nine new brands to watch out for that—while they may not be known by all—are certainly favorites of fashion insiders and tastemakers alike. From the ethically sustainable to those that seem straight out of the future, these nine brands have a unique and distinct aesthetic that makes them stand out amongst the sea of emerging labels.

Click through the gallery to get a closer look at each brand. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, keep these up-and-comers on your radar. We’re sure they’ll all have quite the cult following, soon enough.

Photo courtesy of Calle Del Mar

Calle Del Mar

Calle Del Mar is a Brooklyn-based brand with a serious West Coast feel. Designer Aza Ziegler draws influence from ‘60s and ‘70s vintage surf and skate culture, The Beach Boys, and vintage U.S.-made athletic wear to create pieces that are effortless, yet still very feminine. For the spring 2016 collection, you can expect everything from imaginative, sequin-filled textiles to vintage-inspired knits to wave-emblazoned mini dresses. 

Calle Del Mar, Baggy Sequin T-Shirt, $380, available at Calle Del Mar; Calle Del Mar, Sequin Wrap Skirt, $410, available at Calle Del Mar.