14 Bright Bags To Add Color To Your Winter Wardrobe

Fight those cold weather blues

Whether you’re a fan of winter or not, there is an undeniable grayness—some would say gloominess—that looms over the colder months. Sure, we have the holidays right around the corner to look forward to, but the days leading up to them—and the months to follow—are filled with a major lack of sunlight. This, as a result, tends to contribute to a major lack of color in our wardrobes.

Don’t get us wrong, dressing in all black head-to-toe is totally chic, but adding a pop of color here and there can’t hurt. Reminding us of the warmer days that will be back before we know it, brightly colored handbags are one of our favorite ways to express ourselves when the weather outside is bleak. Think about it: What could enhance your outfit (and lift your mood) better than a super-cute handbag plucked straight from a rainbow? Neons and vibrant, bright hues really aren’t only reserved for spring and summer, and this season’s offerings prove just that.

We rounded up a rainbow-hued array of our favorite handbags of the season. Click through the gallery below to check them out.

Photo courtesy of Luana Italy

Luana, Paley Mini Satchel, $328, Luana Italy.