10 Cocktail Bars Worth Hopping On A Plane For

We tapped the experts at Porter & Sail to get their picks

One of our favorite parts of traveling is getting to experience a new place through the eyes of a local. That includes eating and drinking like one, too. Meaning, before we set to any new destination, we reach out to friends who've been to the city in question to get their list of favorite restaurants and bars to hit. And in the past, we've had luck with recommendations so great, they alone were worth making the trip for. With that in mind, we decided to explore travel-worthy bars from around the world.

To come up with the list of cocktail bars worth booking a flight for, we tapped the experts at Porter & Sail, the tech concierge company that works with boutique and luxury hotels worldwide to make their services available to guests digitally, to get their recommendations. Get your passports and drinking hats ready with this ultimate insider's list of under-radar gems and hidden speakeasies.

Bar Zentral, Berlin
While Berlin has no shortage of undercover bars, the locals like to play favorite with Bar Zentral. After first stepping inside, you can see why. The bar looks more like an interior designer's chic apartment than a watering hole with its wood-and-marble countertop, dark mahogany shelving that hides the bottles from plain view, and zebra print bathrooms. The drinks, likewise, feel lovingly crafted by a dear friend (but who, like, has a mixology degree).