5 Ways to Celebrate the Equinox

+ return to spiritual equilibrium

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Ah, spring. Love is in the air, we're all sneezing, the sun is shining, and the grass is greener. Spring promises flings, lots of (literally groundbreaking) florals, and a fresh, fresh start. Beginning March 20, spring is officially here—marked by the vernal equinox, when day and night are equal lengths—making it the perfect time to return to spiritual equilibrium. In pagan traditions, the spring equinox is also known as Ostara, named after the Germanic lunar goddess, and it celebrates all things earthy, fertile, and new.

Whether you’re into all things witchy or are simply observing the changing of the seasons, aka “Wheel of the Year,” tuning into the cycles of the earth is the perfect way to tap into your own sacred energy.  The equinox is a return of warmer days, and it’s a time to celebrate fertility and the ripeness of Gaia and Mother Earth. This also means it’s the perfect time to grab your favorite humans, spend some time outside (yes, you can bring your mimosas), and enjoy the sun as you celebrate the return of longer days. Here are five fabulous ways to celebrate the spring equinox.

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Have a picnic with your coven
Whether you’re headed to your local park or hiking up a mountain, spending time basking under the sun with those you love is the perfect introduction to spring. Bring some food that celebrates the warm weather (hot cross buns are a classic), wear your favorite pastel lipstick, and pop a bottle of Champagne. Spring means celebration so go all out—bring some flowers and candles (maybe LED ones if open flames are prohibited) if you’re so inclined, and set up an altar to honor the changing of the season. Pastels hues, like yellows and blues, are a perfect indication of the majesty of the season. It’s still the waxing year, so focus on what you want to grow as it gets warmer and the days get longer. You can even meditate if you so wish.