14 celebrities speak about their experience with abortion

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There's a stigma attached to terminating a pregnancy that can feel inescapable, no matter what side of the abortion debate you fall on. And that stigma is upheld by the fact that women don't really talk about their abortions—so many of us have had them, and yet we don't talk about what it was like, or why we did it, or how we feel about it looking back on the choice. This culture of silence is harmful: It can make women feel like they're alone, when really, it's something that a lot of people have decided to do. 

Not everyone is remaining silent, though. Certain celebrities have used their high profiles to talk about their own abortions: And whether speaking bravely about how they don't regret the decision or talking frankly about conflicted feelings, the important thing is that they're not sweeping it under the rug. They're talking, and the world is listening.

Ahead, 14 of our favorite celebrities who have shared their personal experiences with abortion. 

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Sinead O'Connor
The highly spiritual Catholic has talked about her own abortion frankly and poetically, and wrote a song about the process, with the royalties going to the Red Cross. "It was a planned pregnancy, which I was very happy about. I was completely in love with the father of the child...But things didn't work out between us and we were both unhappy. It was too much for him to be able to handle. He was young (26) and I was on tour, and I was feeling ill all the time because I was pregnant and I was feeling so awful and I made the decision that it would be better for everybody if I had the abortion...I didn't have a sense of guilt about the abortion. If I had had the child, I wouldn't have been in any state to be the mother that child would have deserved. It wouldn't have worked that way. As far as I'm concerned, that child's spirit is gone and perhaps some day it will return."