China Glaze Just Launched What May Be The Most ‘90s Collection Yet


“Rage against the… basic manicure?”

It may be a full quarter-century since the idea of grunge first exploded on the music and fashion scene, but China Glaze is here to bring quite the blast from the past with a new, '90s-themed fall collection, fittingly named Rebel.

Rebel is all about the rule-breaking attitude that makes us look back on this particular decade so fondly. With 12 new shades, including gritty deep blues, purples, and grays alongside feminine pinks and pearls, you can expect that perfect mix of girly grunge the ‘90s were all about. You know—exactly the color scheme you would associate with your baby doll dresses, combat boots, and choker days.

Did we mention the new shades have quintessential ‘90s names such as Pearl Jammin’, Jagged Little Teal, and Teen Spirit? Bring on the nostalgia.

What the brand stands by is the ‘90s attitude of wearing what you want, regardless of what society may think. “Wear what you want, and forget the rest. Pink isn’t just for girls and combat boots aren’t just for boys,” reads the press release from the brand. Now, that’s an idea we can still get behind.

The new collection will launch in full this month on at $7.50 a pop. Click through the gallery below to take a closer look at each new shade.

Photo courtesy of China Glaze

China Glaze Rebel, Nail Polish in ‘Don’t Mesh With Me,’ $7.50, available soon at