This Is What $85 Lip Lacquer Is Like


Meet Christian Louboutin’s Loubilaque

Christian Louboutin is expanding his beauty collection. The most recent addition: an $85 lip lacquer called Loubilaque.

The brand-new lip color was inspired by Louboutin’s affinity for all things lacquer, which was also the source of inspiration for his signature red soles. Loubilaque has been described as a “high coverage, high shine, and high drama" color by the brand, with an exclusively designed applicator that allows the subtly fragranced formula to be applied almost seamlessly.

“Loubilaque is for the bold woman who wants to bring attention to her lips. When she wears Loubilaque, she feels its power through other’s reaction to her,” Louboutin said in the press release.

The price alone urged me to try it, despite my disdain toward anything glossy.

I’m really not much of a gloss or lacquer person. I find that the formulas are always way too sticky and that with one slight gust of wind, my hair ends up stuck to my lips, which is never a good look. However, I must say that Loubilaque’s highly pigmented formula isn’t sticky at all, and still manages to pack in some major shine. Like, I-can-see-my-own-reflection shine. And don’t even get me started on its ornate packaging—it's mermaid-tail like vial and crown-like top can double as a pendant.

You get what you pay for, I suppose, so for a steep price of $85, this gloss certainly does its job.

Loubilaque just launched today and is available in eight shades from nude to vibrant red. You can snag it online at Click through the gallery below to take a closer look at the available colors.

Photo courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin, Loubilaque in ‘Akenana,’ $85, available at Christian Louboutin.