14 Circle Bags To Make You Go Round And Round This Spring


No need to speak in circles with these graphic beauties

This season, I really just can’t get enough of the circle bag; consider it an obsession.

Really, though, what’s not to love about them? They’re the ultimate statement piece for the minimalist lover. While many of spring’s offerings are simple and clean in style, the nontraditional shape is enough to catch the eye without being too “loud” or “out-there.” Of course, wilder styles exist for those of us who are looking for a truly outfit-making bag.

All in all? They’re just too damn cute, and I’m dying to incorporate more of them into my wardrobe this summer.

Below, you’ll find 14 of the must-have circle bags of the season. From wicker and metallic, there is something for everyone. Click through the gallery below to check ‘em out.

Photo courtesy of Ann Howell Bullard

Anne Howell Bullard, The Black Keys Circle, $395, available at Ann Howell Bullard.