The Best Home Remedies For Kicking Cold And Flu Season In The Butt


Natural ways to speed up your recovery time

Cold, cold days are approaching, which means it’s pretty much inevitable that we’ll get sick at some point. While we can certainly try our best to boost our immune system pre-season to help stave off any illness, sometimes you just can’t avoid it (meaning, sometimes you just can’t dodge that person coughing directly on you on the L train).

Whether we come down with a cold or the full-on flu—and let’s not forget that miserable stomach bug—there are certainly some natural techniques and tips we can follow to help shorten the length of our ailments. We chatted with doctors, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners to find out what their flu season go-to remedies are.

While, of course, we would never recommend only trying these instead of going to the doctor (especially if you’re feeling really terrible), these may help you fight off that nasty cold right at the first signs—or, at least, work alongside medicine to speed up your recovery time.

Click through the gallery below to find out how to survive that pesky seasonal cold.

Drink, drink, drink
Water, that is.

Beth Nydick, holistic nutritionist and founder of Blue Barn Kitchen, stresses that you should drink a ton of water. Hold on, though, don't just drink any old water. Nydick tells me that when you drink cold water, your body is actually working harder to rehydrate (which explains why I’ve always been told to drink cold water while working out to burn extra calories).

Instead, she suggests drinking only warm to room temperature water, and throw in a slice of lemon. This way, you’ll be able to properly rehydrate (thus, heal) without working your poor body too hard.