ColourPop Is Dropping A New Crystal-Infused Collection

Photo courtesy of ColourPop

Crystallize this

Makeup is often said to have transformative powers, but ColourPop’s new product launch takes that concept up a notch. The cult beauty brand is merging makeup with wellness and spirituality for its Crushed Crystal Collection, announced this week and launching starting today. The limited-edition, limited-quantity launch dips into the ever-growing fandom of the crystal lifestyle, channeling the restorative power of various crystals.

The collection includes priming and setting sprays, lip balms, and liquid highlighters, all infused with real crushed crystals. The lip balms and highlighters are available in four different crystal options with corresponding shades: rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine, and aquamarine. The priming spray comes in rose quartz and amethyst, and the setting spray comes in aventurine and aquamarine.

While the pretty shimmer of the highlighters and lip balms and balancing properties of the priming and setting sprays are already reason enough to try them out, each crystal ingredient is believed to add additional advantages. Rose quartz is said to promote all types of love, including self-love, and amethyst is famous for enhancing inner wisdom and strength. Crystal enthusiasts believe aventurine brings good fortune and luck, and aquamarine brings calming effects.

As mystical as all of that might sound, the products also contain more traditional ingredients that make them effective and healthy, whether the crystal powers add to them or not. The priming sprays’ fruit extracts deliver high amounts of antioxidants to the skin, the setting sprays contain film formers to keep makeup in place, the highlighters are lightweight, and the lip balms are moisturizing, perfect for wearing on their own or layering atop lipstick.

Now might be the time to grab your nearest aventurine crystal for extra luck because, at only $6 for the sprays and highlighters and $5 for the lip balms, these products are sure to sell out fast. Take a sneak peek at the line, below, and cop it all when it drops today.

ColourPop, Crystal Priming Spray in ‘Rose Quartz,’ $6, available at