7 Contemporary Artists Keeping Traditions Alive

    Beyond Banksy

    by · March 06, 2017

    When some people think of present-day artists, they think of modernized, post-internet art; they think of Banksy’s spray can street style and the many sculpture-building disciples of Jeff Koons. They think of neon, of plexiglass, of digital manipulation, filmic influence, and a matrix-like future of expression. Of course, these things do exist and thrive in the contemporary art world, but lovers of classic art traditions need not fear: There’s still a pulse on that type of artistry too.

    In fact, there’s an entire collective of traditionalists who exist among the contemporaries, even if their off-line, unplugged artistry doesn’t always get the spotlight it deserves. Below, meet some of the most accomplished contemporary-classic painters who are just as plugged into the future as their peers, but are also holding their own and fighting to preserve a time-honored mastery in the art world of today.

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