editor’s pick: trying to be cool

    from phoenix to lanvin, everyone wants to be a cool kid.

    by · December 06, 2013

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    Cool. It’s a word I use every day to describe almost every thing. My new Topshop boots... They’re cool. My Balenciaga skirt... also cool. Nachos and a movie after work? Sounds cool. Standing in the rain trying to hail a taxi on Broadway... not cool. But still, the ethos of cool is something I can’t really put my finger on, and after trying to parse through the Wikipedia entry for “Cool (aesthetic)” I feel almost more confused than before. But three things I know are cool for sure are: Phoenix’ “Trying to be Cool” video, Lanvin’s “Cool” necklaces, and Parteeshirts’ “Cool” T-shirt. So I’m going to do them all at the same time--join me, won’t you and watch “Trying to Be Cool” while wearing a cool T-shirt and looking at Lanvin’s necklaces. Super-cool? Definitely.
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