artist in residence: corey moranis

photo by shannon echlin

meet the mixed media artist whose works are truly delicious.

Beyonce might be the Queen B, but it's Solange who really brings people together. That was the case this past summer, when I bumped into Canadian artist Corey Moranis at a secret Solange show in Brooklyn. Wearing a rainbow necklace she had made and jelly sandals, I knew we were going to be fast friends. And then she sent me photos of her artwork, and my mind was blown. 

Taking inspiration from Internet culture, fashion, and food, Moranis creates works that are equal parts rainbow colored, glow in the dark, twinkling, and some that are even edible. (Isn't edible art the best kind of art, really?) One of her earliest projects involved creating cakes that match her outfits, which has since evolved into food-themed art shows, commissioned cookies, and even cake hats. Recently she's branched into hyper-colorful knits and light installations. I'd like to think that if NYLON were an artist, it'd be part Andy Warhol, part Kathleen Hanna, part Marjan Satrapi, and part Corey Moranis. But don't take my word for it, take hers. 

If I had to explain my work to a stranger, I'd say...
It's very colorful and tasty!  It's child-like, dream-like, magic-like, and cool-like. I have been saying for a while that what I do can be described by the words "more is more," but the truth is, I actually do use a lot of restraint! Without holding back, my work could get a little out of hand.  My art is happy, and joyful, and I like making people smile.
Three things that have inspired me this week are...
Painted Swedish clogs, Susie Bubble's closet, and finding out about a place in Toronto called 'Plastic World', where you can get these insane colored plexiglass sheets! They have every single color.

My ultimate muse is...
Not just one person! Inspiration comes from so many places! Sometimes, it's how a certain material feels. Things like photographs in old cookbooks, and traditional textiles from around the world always inspire me. And toys! I'm inspired by countless things really, but they are always colorful, textured, or unconventional.

My studio soundtrack includes...
Listening to Project Runway and Ru Paul's Drag Race on repeat! I also like checking for new music on websites like Colette and Future Vintage.  They are like my personal DJs when I don't want to choose what to listen to.  Currently, one of my favorite bands is Lido Pimienta. 

The weirdest thing that's ever happened to me on the job was...
Glue-gunning my head! It involved a mirror, plastic pizza, and a headband. The result was... less hair than I started with.  

My dream project is...
A secret!  My BF and I are working on a new project together making Weird Little Plastic Lights™, and he's pretty dreamy.