Courtney Love Is Using Wikipedia To Co-Write Her Memoir


When in doubt, Wikipedia it out

Courtney Love is in the process of writing her memoir. But she's enlisting the help of the internet to guide her along the way.

The singer-actress appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers this past Tuesday, where she discussed her upcoming film Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills, new music projects, and how she plans on using her Wikipedia page to write her forthcoming memoir. 

"I'm going to write a memoir, but I have a lot of secrets I have to keep," she said. Meyers countered that her memoir wouldn't be fun without secrets, to which Love replied, "It is fun because my Wikipedia, a lot of things leaked. So, if it's in my Wikipedia, then it's fair game." 

Love will be co-writing the book with the help of a ghostwriter (her second one) and aims "to reach the millennials" through it.  

You can watch her interview, below.

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