Mystify Your Beauty Routine With These 16 Crystal-Infused Products


Skin care for the mystic-minded

It may be six years since Spencer Pratt had a full-on crystal obsession, but in 2016, we can’t say we blame him. We’re a bit obsessed nowadays too with incorporating crystals—believed to hold powerful healing benefits of the mind and body—into our day-to-day routines. Whether we’re using them to cure our hangovers or in special meditative facials, we can’t deny that our love for them is in full swing.

While in the past, we may have chosen to carry around sachets of crystals in our handbags or strategically placed them around our homes and workspaces, they’re now being infused in more seamless ways. While this is a practice that human beings have been using for thousands of years, the growing mainstream popularity of crystals has sparked a rise in crystal-infused products in today’s natural beauty brands, bringing a fresh new take on crystal healing.

From healing facial oils and relaxing bath soaks to detoxing face masks, there are a number of product lines out there that have worked crystals into their formulas—whether they’re ground up, placed into the bottle in raw form, or simply used to “charge” a product with their energy. But why? 

According to Audrey Kitching, the brains behind Crystal Cactus, “Crystals are amplifiers. Whatever they touch, they transmute—they are the definition of alchemy. Adding crystals to an oil or bath product makes it incredibly powerful, and amplifies its original purpose beyond comprehension.” On top of increasing the benefits of a product, crystal themselves are believed the hold their own healing powers for both the body and mind. “Crystal-infused products are a unique and powerful form of healing,” says Ally Sands, creator of Aquarian Soul. “Every crystal has it’s own energy and healing properties. They can calm or focus the mind and detoxify or soothe the body.” 

When it comes to benefitting the skin, certain crystals prevail. According to Alex Kummerow, co-founder of Herbivore Botanicals, tourmaline is his crystal of choice. “When the tourmaline gemstone is under pressure, it releases ions that aid in detoxification and reinforcing collagen,” he told me. “This is why we recommend massaging the mask into the skin to activate.” According to Sands, she uses rose quartz often to reduce redness and fine lines as well to balance out the skin tone. 

However, others have more mystical health benefits, whether it’s relaxation or pain relief. Amethyst is known to soothe and relax the body and mind, which is why you’ll find it in a lot of bath soaks while tourmaline, again, is believed to hold pain-relieving properties. According to Sands, clear quartz is known to be a powerful healing stone, which she likes to pair with other crystals in order to amplify their energy.

Crystals can be used in combination with others (and paired with equally beneficial herbs and essential oils) in order to yield more powerful results. According to Kitching, alignment is super important. “The oils, the herbs, and the crystals all must align and work together,” she says. “For example, we’re working on a new Psychic Intuition Mist, and labradorite awakens your inner knowing, so this would be a go-to crystal for this magical blend.”

So how does one know what crystals are right for them? Sands left me with advice she likes to tell all “crystal newbies” she encounters: “Use your intuition when picking stones—that’s the best way to figure out what you need or what is best to work with.” 

So whether you’re trying to clear up redness, balance your third eye chakra, or simply sit back and relax, we rounded up 16 of the best crystal-infused beauty products you should add to your regimen, from cleansers to bath soaks. Whether you truly believe in the power of crystals or not, the benefits of these products are undeniable.

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Photo courtesy of The Ritual

The Ritual, Moon Dust Detox Mask, $12, available at The Ritual.

Crystals used: selenite, moonstone