We Ask Some DapperQs Why Fashion Matters


“It’s a way for me to be as loud and proud and different as I possibly can”

"We need to be able to express ourselves in any way possible, especially with what's going on today," says DJ Monet Bernard on fashion. "You know, in today's world, there's so many ways that we're taught and told that we're wrong for who we love, how we identify, and what we like doesn't fit in the norm, doesn't fit in the box. So, being able to express yourself in any way possible, be it through fashion, be it through music—it's important. It's liberating."

We recently caught up with Bernard, as well as fellow DapperQ's Kay Ulanday Barrett, Danielle Cooper, Devin-Norelle, and Nina Kossoff, at the Brooklyn Museum to discuss the importance of fashion and how it directly relates to self-expression, politics, and self-liberation.

"We need to be able to be our whole, entire selves," Bernard continues. "It's the only way that we can uplift our community, and it's the only way we can really unify and show the world that we're not going anywhere."

Get caught up with the DapperQ's, above. 

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Talent: Shantrelle P. Lewis, Devin-Norelle, Kay Ulanday Barrett, DJ Monet Bernard, Nina Kossoff, Danielle Cooper, & Kim Geronimo.
Location: The Brooklyn Museum

Special Thanks to: Anita Dolce Vita & DapperQ