Summer (Outta) The City: 6 Day Trips For Art Lovers

Photo courtesy of Storm King Art Center

Skip the lines and sweaty subways of New York this weekend

New York City is saturated with emerging artists and world-class museums. You've seen the exhibit at the Met's Costume Institute four times and counting already. You go to every gallery opening in Chelsea on Thursday evenings. You even rode the L to the depths of Bushwick to watch your friend's boyfriend's "experimental-interactive, work-in-progress" piece. Twice. As a devoted New Yorker, you are absolutely committed to the art-rich life.

But summer… summer is when the subways get sticky and unpredictable and museum lines become dizzyingly long. So the next time your weekend opens with a blissfully empty Saturday, skip the Lex line and hop on Metro-North or in a Zipcar instead. 

Escape the city heat with these day art trips. 

Photo courtesy of Philipp Scholz Rittermann

New Yorkers are likely familiar with Dia Art Foundation from its work around Manhattan. The organization manages a gallery space in Chelsea and various sites around the city, including the well-known "The New York Earth Room," a completely dirt-filled apartment on Wooster Street. But an 80-minute Metro-North ride can bring you to Dia:Beacon, the sprawling campus on the banks of the Hudson River. Summer is prime time to check out this impressive collection of modern art, where the galleries are lit almost completely by natural light.

A former Nabisco box printing factory was repurposed into 240,000 square feet of exhibition space for Dia. In the foundation's typical style, each gallery room is devoted to a single artist's work. Airy spaces show off Richard Serra’s curved steel pieces, Dan Flavin’s fluorescent works, Walter De Maria’s white lacquered wooden rod sculptures, and more. Landscaped seasonally, changing gardens surround the complex. Dia:Beacon offers guided tours on Saturday and Sundays at 1pm.