13 Must-Have Turquoise Baubles For December Birthdays


A protective talisman for your favorite Sag and Capricorn babes

December has arrived, leaving behind November’s sunny citrine birthstone. With the new month comes a new birthstone—and those lucky enough to be born in December get to choose from three beauties: turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite.

Personally, turquoise is our fave. Why’s that? Three reasons: It’s a protective stone, once used as amulets by soldiers of past centuries; it’s thought to have strengthening and healing abilities, believed to enhance both the physical and psychic immune system; and it has a calming effect on its wearer, bringing them peace and serenity. Could there be a more perfect birthstone for the hectic holiday season?

In honor of this powerful and stunning blue stone, we rounded up 13 killer pieces of turquoise jewelry. They’re not only the perfect gifts for the Sagittarius and Capricorn ladies in your life, but also make a great gift for yourself.

Click through the gallery, below, to check out our picks.

Photo courtesy of Wolf & Badger

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