How 10 Designers Prepare for New York Fashion Week

photos courtesy of designers

Spoiler: Caffeine is involved

Every designer knows what a big deal it is to show at New York Fashion Week. It’s one of the most-watched and highly anticipated events in the industry, and the expectations get greater each year, with collections now being instantly broadcast around the world thanks to social media.

Each designer has a different approach to handling the pressures. Some completely disconnect and relax, while others spend the time leading up to their shows running back and forth to the Garment District to pick up last-minute materials. From SoulCycle to soul-searching, we interviewed 10 designers, ranging from NYFW first-timers to seasoned pros, to find out how they prepare for the craziness of NYFW. 

Michelle Smith of MILLY
“It’s impossible to properly prepare for the madness of NYFW, but I try! I make sure to pencil in a few relaxing weekends away in August to really check out, clear my head, and find inspiration. In the weeks leading up to NYFW, while I spend most of my nights and weekends in the studio finishing up the collection, I make a point to find time every day to fit in a quick workout—either a morning run in Central Park or a SoulCycle class for an afternoon break. It truly keeps me sane and helps keep my creativity flowing. Plus, I have to burn off that late-night pizza somehow!”