Dolce & Gabbana Unveils Its First Hijab Line

Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana

the abaya collection

We're only five days into 2016 and it's already shaping up to be an extraordinary year full of promising change. Yesterday, Dolce & Gabbana premiered its Abaya collection on As the brand's debut line of hijabs and abayas, it's a remarkable and bold move for the brand to make. Considering all of the social and political controversy that Muslims have been facing across the globe, this collection is an incredible step toward respectability. On top of that, the pieces are high quality as some are made of lace while others have printed and embroidered patterns.

In America, Muslims are estimated to make up roughly two percent of the entire population. Representation matters, especially within the fashion industry. (From one minority group to another, this is a very big deal.) This is a line that we can stand behind. Check out some of the gorgeous photos from the powerful campaign in the gallery, above.

Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana