domino kirke is your favorite songwriting/birth expert

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jemima’s big sis has got the chops

Though it wasn’t exactly the way Domino Kirke planned it, she has found herself in the business of creation, in a truly literal sense. Art runs in her family, for one. Firstly, her father famously drummed in British bands Free and Bad Company, and you may have heard of her two sisters: Lola, the rapidly rising actress who stunned us in Gone, Girl, and middle sister Jemima the artist, though you may be familiar with her other,more accidental project. Domino herself is a musician, but after she became a mother at the (atypical, in the Brooklyn creative community, at least) age of 24, she found inspiration in motherhood—for herself and other women—as a doula. Briefly putting her career on hold, Domino started Carriage House Birth, a service for women who are looking for a more personalized approach to birth.

Photos by Atisha Paulson  

“My family realized I was going to do birth work and then music they were like, ‘What’s a doula? This is not what you were meant to do!’ And I was like, ‘Everyone thinks they can only do one thing.’” However, Domino’s open approach to motherhood actually brought her closer to her family, specifically Jemima, who is a mother to two children. “We’re both moms and we’re both quite busy and I think we’re able to be there now for each other in a way that we weren’t when we were younger.” (Despite, of course, Jemima’s busy schedule: “I saw how overwhelming it was and I saw how she struggled initially to kind of get on board with the train and now I think it helped us out, we’re closer because of it.”)

 Photos by Atisha Paulson 

The transition from being a musician, standing on stage and entirely self-absorbed, to focusing on the primal and entirely personal nature of birth was a whole mind-shift, says Domino. “I moved to Williamsburg when I was 19, and all my friends were musicians, all we did was wake up, have a coffee and write songs, and go out that night and get shitfaced,” she admits. “My day-to-day was extremely predictable and I did it with a band of people, a tribe. No one had kids—we were just so selfish for so long. I mean, the minute I had him, my son, I realized that I had to just time manage in a way that I never had to before.”  

Photos by Atisha Paulson 


Now that her doula business is burgeoning and her son is growing older, Domino is returning to her musical roots with a new album called Independent Channel. Written in collaboration with Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple, the album shifts away from Domino’s original organic sound to something subtly dance-friendly. “I think this is a lot more painful… a lot more experimental for me. Everything before used to have such a structure and design, and this was a lot more me just meeting up with Luke and playing with him.” The result has Temple’s spacey vibe with Domino’s dreamy vocals, which, together is endlessly listenable. 


Photos by Atisha Paulson 

The whole experience is new for Domino, who is clearly no stranger to the industry. “It’s weird. I went so far away from music that I had to re-invent music again. I had to come back to music. I had to put music with an agenda down, and at least write for my son, write to keep writing, but the idea of having a music career had to go away for a while.” But now, the singer is able to balance better, even though her two jobs are on vastly different ends of the spectrum. “It’s two different brains. The mom brain that’s like self-less and ego-free and the on-stage ‘Look at me, like listen to my song, hope you like it.’ There, it is all ego. I think I struggled trying to find both, and then hanging out with Luke made me get excited about creating a new sound so I could kind of be a beginner again."



Photos by Atisha Paulson  

Photo courtesy of Balenciaga / Photo via @McDonaldsSverige Instagram

I'm cackling

Last year, Balenciaga released bright red square-toed mules which bore a striking resemblance to McDonald's french fry cartons. Now, the chain has fired back at the designer, threatening to release its own version of the shoes.

McDonald's Sweden posted a photo to its Instagram of a person wearing actual McDonald's fry cartons as shoes, and honestly, if there weren't yellow M's printed onto them, I'd have a hard time distinguishing them from the Balenciagas from a distance. Though the post doesn't directly reference the Balenciaga shoes, one can only assume that's who they are trolling.

McDonald's version actually makes for some pretty fly slip-ons, if you ask me. Good thing the Swedish branch of Mickey D's seems to be considering releasing the shoes if the post receives enough attention. The caption of the Instagram post translates to, "If we get 103042 likes we release these for real," though it only has about 17,000 as of publish time. These would likely cost much less than the Balenciaga shoes, which cost $545.

Internet, do your thing. I want a pair.



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It marks her third duet with Nas

Here are some words that I never expected to read or hear again: There is a new song with Amy Winehouse. But here we are in 2019, and Salaam Remi has granted me a wish. On Valentine's Day, the Grammy-nominated producer and frequent Winehouse collaborator (also responsible for hits like Miguel's "Come Through & Chill") released "Find My Love" which features rapper Nas and that powerful and haunting voice that I have come to love and cherish so dearly.

Representatives for Remi said that the Winehouse vocals were from an old jam session the two had. Remi was a producer on both of Winehouse's albums, Frank and Back to Black. "Find My Love" marks the third time Winehouse and Nas have done duets under the direction of Remi. They were previously heard together on "Like Smoke," a single from her 2011 posthumous album Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures, and "Cherry Wine" from Nas' 2012 album Life Is Good. Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011, before they could complete production on her third album. My heart is still broken about it as she is by far my favorite artist.

"Find My Love" is set to appear on Remi's Do It for the Culture 2, a collection of songs curated by him. Check it out, below.