Meet ASOS White, The Affordable Brand That Looks Incredibly High-End

    Don’t sleep on this: ASOS White

    by · November 11, 2017

    Friends don’t let friends miss out on all the cool, under the radar things they know about, like where to buy ultrafashionable clothes at decidedly non-runway prices or which little known beauty brand is low key making the best highlighter around. And because we consider our readers to be like friends, we decided to gather together all our best tips in a new series: Don’t Sleep on This. Check in every week to see what things we can’t wait to share with you.

    I’m sure many of you out there are familiar with ASOS, the stylish U.K.-based online retailer. Whether or not you’ve ever made a purchase, you’ve likely spent a couple of hours digging through its seemingly endless pages of trendy-but-affordable clothing, shoes, and accessories from a wide assortment of brands, including its own.

    Most people I know, industry friends and non-industry friends alike, love ASOS for the sheer fact that they can score half a dozen new things to wear in one purchase, without breaking the bank. But many—in fact, almost all—that I spoke to weren’t familiar with the magic of ASOS White, the brand’s elevated, premium label.

    How could they be spending all of this time on the ASOS website and completely overlook this exceptionally designed assortment of modern, minimal pieces in various shades of “neutral” with just the perfect amount of stripes, polka dots, ruffles, and neons? I was baffled.

    For this very reason, I decided to make my personal obsession public and confess my undying and everlasting love for ASOS White, if only to share this bit of fashionable wealth with the rest of the world.

    ASOS White is for the Cool Girl™ with an affinity for clean and minimal, yet slightly off kilter fashion. Oversized trousers and boxy maxi dresses are sold alongside exaggerated puff-sleeved blouses and frilly, layered skirts of mixed materials. The collection’s color palette is also fairly minimal; you’ll find a fair share of black, white, and beige, with a surprise neon yellow jumpsuit or hot pink skirt or two. It even has a ridiculously adorable collaboration with Reebok that will make you fully commit to sneakers, even if you’re typically a boots-in-the-winter kind of girl.

    Its current winter collection sprinkles in a bit of faux furs and shearlings with structured satin, oversized knits, and a shit ton of ruffles—and I can promise you its all I plan to wear this season.

    But what I really cherish about ASOS White is that it is truly of premium quality. For the slightly higher-than-normal-ASOS price range, you’ll get clothing similar to what you’d find from a contemporary label for at least twice the price. Basically, it looks (and feels) expensive, but isn’t; most everything is in the $100-200 range. Not to mention, half of the time I wear it, people think I’m actually wearing Tibi.

    Consider this a declaration of love to the brand consistently making me look like I have a lot of money and wear a lot of designer clothes. I couldn’t be more appreciative of and grateful for your existence.

    Take a closer look at some current favorites that you can shop now, below. (You’re welcome.)

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