You Can’t Get Drawsta Filters On Snapchat

Technology we can definitely get behind

Photo courtesy of Drawsta

In a world where, for many, trends trump quality, it’s hard for designers to hold the attention of their buyers for long. When our lives are documented via social media to a virtual community, we can’t even think of snapping a selfie while wearing the same outfit twice. At the same time, when a new getup is attainable with the click of a button, why wouldn’t we indulge in frequent wardrobe rotation?

Fashion and tech, in this way, are clearly intertwined, and Drawsta has fed off of both. At first, this brand’s graphic tees seem pretty ordinary, but with the click of Drawsta’s free app, any T-shirt design is possible.

Their app works like a Snapchat mask: once opened up, you snap a picture with your shirt as a layer of graphics and sound attach to the garment. Each tee has its own set of three to five possible animations, plus one new one per week. The video GIFs that you create can be shared through any social media platform, so prepare to put your friend's dog selfies to shame.

Clothing has already evolved in the way we buy it (from our bed, in pajamas, of course), but now it’s evolving in the way we wear it too. Click through the gallery below to see what we can't stop talking about and buying from NYLONshops.

Photo courtesy of Drawsta

Drawsta, Tee Shirt, $48, available at NYLONshop.