9 Eco-Conscious Beauty Brands You Need To Know


Go green for 2017

While there may be some people out there who don’t believe in climate change, there’s no denying that its devastating effects are already rearing their ugly heads. And while beauty and skin care—like most of the world’s larger industries—contribute to this global issue, there are brands out there working to fight it, or at least doing their part to prevent it from getting worse. 

Below, check out nine eco-conscious and sustainable beauty brands you should have on your radar. Aside from producing incredible products—from skin care and cosmetics to fragrance—they’re working to make the planet cleaner and greener. Using organic, sustainable ingredients, handcrafting products in small batches, and employing recyclable and reusable packing are just a few of the measures they’re taking to better the world we live in.

Click through to read more about each brand. Here’s to a green 2017.

Photo courtesy of Plant Makeup

Plant Makeup
Plant Makeup makes their lovely handmade, small-batch products using only "Good4You" ingredients—either certified organic, locally grown, or foraged from non-polluted areas—and takes care to return plant material back to the earth after it has been removed, used, or infused. Many of their products are packaged in compostable tubes, and the use of glass is prominent over plastic. They even go as far as biking each package to the post office, rather than driving, to make sure they are as eco-friendly as possible.

Plant Makeup, Pink Rose Shimmer Balm, $14, available at Plant Makeup.