The Easy Gift Guide For Etsy


deck the halls with DIY

The beauty of Etsy is that you can find an assortment of one-of-a-kind, DIY products that you don't have to make yourself by hand. They're thoughtful gifts that show that you put a lot of effort into finding them without the hassle of you physically going anywhere or constructing the items. We've grouped everything you could possibly think of into categories so you can easily find your way and get into the gifting groove. Flip through the gallery above and start placing your orders now before it's too late to get them on time!

Photo courtesy of GIRLBYE


Ever since I moved into my own apartment, banners have become one of my favorite decoration pieces. You can pick one that's already made or request a custom banner in any color that you want! It's honestly the perfect gift for someone, as the banners can be hung all year 'round.

GIRLBYE, Custom Banner, $12 
GIRLBYE, Customer Hashtag Banner, $13
GIRLBYE, Flawless Banner, $15
GIRLBYE, Love Will Tear Us Apart Banner, $25