14 New Books That Are Guaranteed To Make You Hungry

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    by · October 22, 2016

    If we could, we would spend the majority of our time here on earth skimming through our favorite bookshops and running through libraries. But even if we could, there sadly wouldn’t be enough time to read every book in existence—that’s why we rely on recommendations from friends, family, and our favorite authors. Every week, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite reads because literature is, well, lit.

    At NYLON, we take food as seriously as our books, with the need to find the perfect way to express ourselves in a literary sense sometimes placed on the same level of importance as finding a dish fitting to the exact moment in time that we're experiencing. You can imagine, then, what happens to us when the two come together, resulting in narratives of delicious proportions that fuel our reading experiences and light up and arouse all five of our senses with smells of fragrant spices, sounds of sizzling meats, heat of a fire, and a visual burst of colors and textures that accompany each finger-licking dish.

    For the many appetites out there, this season saw a slew of food connoisseurs putting their craft on paper and inviting readers to dine at their tables. Whether it's a debut cookbook from a famed chef, a follow-up to one of the country's most beloved food memoirs, or a look into the history of gastronomy in America, these titles have managed to feed our imagination and tantalize our palettes.

    Ahead, the 14 books every food lover should read this fall. If you haven't had breakfast yet, we advise you do before proceeding.

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