The 10 New Obsession-Worthy Fragrances For Fall

Get your noses ready

While fall may mean pumpkin spice and candy apples to some, to beauty buffs like me, fall means one thing (and one thing only): tons of new beauty launches. Those launches including a whole slew of new fragrances.

However, figuring out which scent is the right one for you can feel overwhelming; with so many to choose from (and only one nose), how does one know fragrance is “the one?" 

We imagine you don’t have the time to smell them all, so we rounded up our top 10 favorites of the season to make picking and choosing a little bit easier for you. The below scents are sensual and luxurious, with a heavy focus on florals, but each is unique and different in their own way—some a little sexier, a little more playful, or a little more mysterious than the ones preceding them. There’s even a pheromone-igniting blend in there (yes, please).

Click through the gallery below to get to know these new fall fragrances a little better. Who knows? You may just find your new signature scent.

Photo courtesy of Bloomingdales

Kenzo, Kenzo World, $86, available at Bloomingdales.

If Kenzo’s insane Spike Jonze film wasn’t intriguing enough for you to try Kenzo World, we’re sure the playful combination of peony, jasmine, and ambroxan crystals will get you hooked.