Fashion And Beauty Insiders Share Their Most Memorable Halloween Costumes


Betsey Johnson, Sir John, and more

There are people who are really good at Halloween, and there are people who are… not. (There are also those who just don’t care, but that's not the point right now.) Those people who are good, though, are really, really great, and can just as easily plan their costumes months in advance as they can think up something on the spot; either way, they still manage to out-costume everyone else. These are the Halloween enthusiasts, the creatives, and usually (but not always) the people whose jobs involve playing dress-up for a living.

We’re talking fashion and beauty insiders: designers, makeup artists, stylists, and artistic directors. Sure, celebrities are the ones who usually get the attention for their costumes, but you know who’s usually behind them? These people—who also happen to have their own arsenal of impressive costumes themselves.

And so, with the spookiest night of the year approaching, we decided to ask designers like Kim Shui and makeup artists like Nick Barose to share their favorite getups, some of which include Lil’ Kim, Brad Pitt from Fight Club, and, simply, Yves Klein Blue. Get inspired by all their ideas, below.

Sir John, L’Oréal Paris celebrity makeup artist
I was never able to participate in Halloween when I was younger as my mom didn’t really believe in dressing up for the holiday. That all changed when I went to college though! My favorite costume was when I was Brad Pitt from Fight Club. I was in the gym and very into weightlifting, so I fit the part! I created bruises with makeup on my body and really looked like I just stepped out of the movie. My mom even saw me that night and believed the bruises.