What 10 Fashion Bloggers Want You To Know About Starting a Blog

Caroline Vazzana;

You heard it here first

Before social media gave the world immediate platforms to share POVs, style, and intimate looks inside people's lives, it was good old-fashioned blogging that gave everyone and anyone the space to leave a mark on the internet. And many of those marks became phenomenons, which eventually developed into full-time jobs, fame, and thousands of devoted followers.

While those early days of blogging are now over, there are still tons of fashion forums with a profound influence on today's style scene. But since so many people want to be the influencer of the moment, how exactly do you get to that level?

We asked 10 bloggers to give their expert opinion on how to get started, keep a blog going, and, most importantly, stay true to yourself. Click through below to hear from some of the coolest, trendiest bloggers out there.

Jane Aldridge;

Jane Aldridge – Sea of Shoes
Started: 2008
Instagram Followers: 195k

What got her blogging: I was 15 and obsessed with fashion and magazines. I spent my weekends thrifting with my mom and wanted to document our outfits because we were finding really cool stuff! Living in suburban Texas, I was really isolated in my love of fashion, so it was a way for me to connect with a few friends I had who loved it too 

Her Advice: Practice, practice, practice! Get out and shoot every day, learn what you do best and feel best doing. You'll learn from your mistakes, and you shouldn't have to force it. I wish I had been more confident in myself. When I decided to pursue my blog as a career rather than go to college, a lot of people told me I'd be making a huge mistake and ruining my life. Now some of those same people have dropped their jobs to work in the industry I'm in now. I've learned so many invaluable skills doing this over the last decade, I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. It's a real job like anything else, so you'll have good days and bad. If you have someone in your life you really trust and want to build it with, it can help shoulder the burden of all the work. My mom and I helped each other with our respective blogs when we started out, and it was the only reason we could make it happen!