15 Pairs Of Sweatpants You Can Actually Wear Outside

    Fashion sweatpants for the lazy girl at heart

    by · August 17, 2017

    Sometimes, we just want to be lazy. Lucky for us, the days of sweatpants being reserved only for time spent on the couch are long gone. Thanks to the athleisure trend, it’s okay to wear them (okay, some of them) outside of the comfort of our own home. In fact, some sweats can even be deemed office-appropriate. Can I get a hell yeah?

    We rounded up 15 pairs of fashionable sweats fit for the lazy girl at heart. From styles with pinstripes and all-over sequins to simple solids in every color of the rainbow, prepare to be at your comfiest while looking your fanciest.

    Click through the gallery, below, to check out our picks. Never again will we have to feel unacceptable for just wanting to be cozy—now, we just need to work on not napping at our desks.

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