Stylists Predict The Biggest Fashion Trends Of 2018


It’s all about standing out

As we settle into 2018, it’s time to look ahead to what we might be getting ourselves into this year—on a fashion level, at least. It's pretty hard to predict anything else these days. 

The industry has gradually become more and more politicized in the past couple of seasons with the #MeToo movement and our new commander-in-chief, so definitely expect more sartorial resistance and hyper-awareness amongst consumers in the new year. On another note, get ready to swap your metallics for neon and your millennial pink for literally any other color.

Ahead, stylists pass along these and more fashion predictions for 2018. Whether you follow along with their suggestions or not, just know: It’s a good time to stand out. 

Flaunt old-school femininity
"Embrace your girly side while still staying true to your badass self, with designers like Sandy Laing, Isabel Marant, and Simone Rocha. Ruffles and lace aren’t just for special occasions anymore, and can now be easily incorporated to give your look more texture."—Heather Newberger, stylist